Slovene English & English Slovene Translation

When we have connections in the U.S. and Slovenia,
we sooner or later need to get something translated.

Perhaps you need Slovene English or English Slovene translation
of your documents, product/service description, website, book, article.
Or perhaps you need a SloveneĀ interpreter
for your event or deposition in the U.S.

Iā€™ll guide you through the process swiftly & effectively
using my mindfully engaged approach to language services to DELIVER
precise & well written translation, accurate & well articulated interpretation.


For Businesses
Mindfully Engaged Translation: Connection. Quality. Respect.



Translation & interpretation are HUMAN services that offer respect, quality, confidentially, comfort through connection and trust.


Linguists provide a service of conveying a human message expressed in one language into a human message expressed in another language.


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