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No matter what your products or services, you need to use language to approach your Slovene & American clients & customers. High quality prose that respects their language & culture is the key to successful marketing and sales.

As an expert in English Slovene & Slovene English translation & interpretation, I’m here to help you bridge these languages & cultures with translation & interpretation of your materials so that you can

  • Better help your customers & clients with legal, educational, administrative matters
  • Easier reach your existing & new customers & clients (communication, newsletters)
  • More effectively promote your products & services (brochures, product & service descriptions, website)
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My company Arinna, Inc. is a boutique language service provider, working with English and Slovene, as well as other South Slavic languages (Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian). Through decades of work and life experience, I have acquired knowledge in many fields to be able to provide high quality English Slovene & Slovene English translation & interpretation for various types of industries (check out the Fields of Expertise page here). And I can also rely on my fellow trusted colleagues to access their expert knowledge as needed.

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As the founder, owner, and Chief Language Officer with 20 years of experience, I firmly believe that it goes a long way when a linguist is treated as a valuable member of a group, instead of a human machine producing text output in a particular language. I’m a strong proponent of using the same translation or interpretation team for the same client to ensure the essential quality benefits:

  • Consistent style and terminology so that the text—across the documents and website pages and their updates—reads as a coherent unit, not as an ad hoc combination of paragraphs.
  • When you need to insert a small addition or correction after you’ve already paid for pages of translation, team that has been on it for a while, and has been paid and treated well, is more likely to do the small update as a favor, instead of charging minimum fees which can be costly.
  • A group of translators that has been consistently working with the same company over several projects will more likely identify with that company, root for its success, and recommend its products & services to their family, friends, acquaintances.
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How to choose a language service provider for your English Slovene or Slovene English translation or interpretation projects?

After 20 years of observing translation industry from the inside as an active translator & interpreter on both sides of the Atlantic—working as a translator for agencies, as well as individuals and small businesses—I’m more and more frustrated by the continuing trend of dehumanization. I firmly believe that translation & interpretation are human services. Linguists provide a service of conveying a human message expressed in one language into a human message expressed in another language.

Translation & interpretation is for people by people, and not just some requirement-fulfilling, profit-driven marketing tool.

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What does this mean for you as a business that wants to reach Slovene and/or American customers & clients? Before entrusting a language service provider with your English Slovene or Slovene English translation or interpretation project, it’s important to carefully consider 3 key areas—CONNECTION, QUALITY, RESPECT—that need to seamlessly blend into each other to achieve the successful outcome.

CONNECT with your clients through English Slovene or Slovene English translation or interpretation

Many people working for American businesses interested in Slovene market or Slovene businesses interested in American market, may be fully bilingual, however, the art of quality translation is not just about knowing two languages & cultures. It requires deliberate and diligent deconstruction and reconstruction of sentences, thoughts, ideas from one culture into another. It requires careful crafting of words and sentences to meet the language sensibilities of the target audience, either Slovene or American.

The way of structuring a thought or sentence in one language may not reach the audience of another culture, even if the words themselves are in a new language. English Slovene & Slovene English translation & interpretation is not just about the translation of words, but about reorganizing the cognitive structure from one language & culture into another. Otherwise, the text reads as a translation, which is always a turn off. The goal is a smooth text that reads as if it was originally written in the target language, resonating with the target audience.

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Ensure QUALITY English Slovene or Slovene English translation or interpretation

I highly recommend Marta’s services to anyone requiring technically accurate document translations, with astounding clarity and excellent turn-around rates. (Sally Painter)

Big translation agencies, dealing with multiple languages and mechanical quality metrics, cannot meet the level of quality needed for effective communication. They tend to sacrifice the high quality in order to meet these artificially imposed metrics across several languages. The bottom line of such metrics is: “Is the text understandable?”, instead of: “Does the translated copy read as if originally written in the target language? Does it resonate with the target audience? Does the translated text respect the language sensibilities of the target audience?

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Sometimes a solution to shift from a barely understandable to good respectful prose is as simple as replacing one term, or slightly changing the word order. For a big agency to implement the suggested changes, a translator must be willing to take time to persuade a project manager. An experienced translator would often take time and fight for solutions that show respect for the target audience. However, the unfortunate trend in the translation industry is the focus on profit, and not on quality, let alone respect. Large language service providers are constantly lowering the fees for translators, which are then, unfortunately, not offered to the clients. The result is that big translation businesses attract inexperienced and/or desperate linguists who don’t have the knowledge, confidence, or time to constructively argue for better terminology or sentence structure that would result in a better translated copy for the client.

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The prevailing trend in the translation industry is that the translator’s experience and expertise is no longer a determining factor, but how quick and how cheap can a linguist get the work done. As a result, the expert translators are shifting away from working for big translation corporations, or becoming disgruntled and begrudgingly compliant, neither of which helps the clients; and the target audience tends to be ignored.

The experienced translators are trying to remedy this unfortunate trend by running boutique businesses, catering to a few fortunate clients who recognize the importance of high quality translation that resonates with their target audience to reach customers in a particular niche market and to gain the marketing edge needed to move ahead in their industry.

Show RESPECT for your clients through quality English Slovene or Slovene English translation or interpretation

Would you order from a website that is written in broken English? Would you continue buying from a company providing instructions in broken Slovene? Would you recommend a foreign product or service if the language is barely understandable and/or contains non-idiomatic phrases + foreign words merely transcribed into your language, instead of translated? Mhm, probably not, except if you are an expatriate from that country. Then you would just ignore the poor language, because you already know the product or service, but you would probably be ashamed to recommend it to your friends from other cultures.

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Slovenes are very proud and protective of their language. A well written Slovene text will go a long way; Slovenes are always touched by and grateful for a well written Slovene text provided by a foreign company. Slovenia may be a small market, but when you gain trust of Slovenian people, it will last a lifetime. Slovenes are hard working, stubborn, loyal people.

Americans tend to be after quick and easy comfort. They don’t have time for verbose prose. While they may be intrigued by a foreign language, they won’t appreciate the text that screams of foreign language structure, and requires a reconstruction by the reader in order to understand the message. While Slovene culture has deep, sturdy roots, American culture is young. For American audience, you need fresh, clean, perky structure to keep their attention.

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Focus on quality English Slovene & Slovene English translation & interpretation to achieve good prose that reflects respect for the foreign language & culture. The target audience will notice your efforts & appreciate the nuanced higher quality of language. They will feel respected. You will touch them in a profound way, and they will be more comfortable choosing your services or products.

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