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Was your child born in the U.S. and you need to get her/his birth registered in Slovenia? Perhaps you’re applying for a green card and need to get your Slovenian documents translated into English. Or maybe you are an American of Slovene descent and would like to get Slovenian citizenship. Are you struggling to figure out how to get the required documents translated?

Do you have hard time finding Slovene English or English Slovene translation service provider who really understands and cares for your struggle? Let me help you, and take worry and frustration out of the translation process for you. I’m here to assist you, to deliver accurate and well organized Slovene English or English Slovene translation that you can just submit and get your application approved. I’m inspired by all the happy clients I’ve helped in the past 20 years.

I’ll guide you through the process when you need Slovene English or English Slovene translation of your documents (as well as from other South Slavic languages into English):

  • Personal documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, divorce papers, death certificates
  • Education related documents (diplomas, transcripts)
  • Other types of documents for official (various certificates) or personal use (letters)
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How to go about getting Slovene English or English Slovene translation of your documents?

First, you need to gather the required documents. Make sure to follow the instructions from the applicable agency or institution closely, and ask them questions to clarify the requirements. I’ll assist you in this process when you request your free 1-1 consultation. I’ll help you with insights about the process of Slovene English or English Slovene translation, and your particular application (for example, what’s an apostille, where do you get it, where to get information about the rules and procedures for the birth, marriage, death registrations). I regularly review the pertinent government websites for relevant information. (Please read the legal disclaimer below.)

Marta is very professional, she is fast, has great communication with the customer, and because she is experienced she offers a suggestion on where to get what that is missing. To me that was the most valuable. I also feel like we built a good working relationship so I trust her opinion. (Spela Hernandez)

Alright, so you have diligently collected all the documents needed for your application. You have gone through all the hurdles and hoops, spent time and money to get fresh transcripts, even figured out what the apostille is and how to get it.

And now you need to get it all translated. Oh, my! Where do you even begin? Yeah, I hear you. There are gazillions of agencies and translators out there, each claiming to be better than the other. It’s daunting. But it doesn’t need to be. If you can get a little bit of insight of what is actually happening behind the scenes of the translation industry, it becomes easier to know what to expect, and then make the decisions that are right for you.

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After 20 years of observing translation industry from the inside as an active translator & interpreter on both sides of the Atlantic—working as a translator for agencies, as well as individuals and small businesses—I’m more and more frustrated by the continuing trend of dehumanization. I firmly believe that translation & interpretation are human services. Linguists provide a service of conveying a human message expressed in one language into a human message expressed in another language.

What does this mean for you as an individual who needs Slovene English or English Slovene translation of your personal documents? It’s important that you consider 3 key areas before entrusting someone with your documents for translation: COMFORT. CONFIDENTIALITY. QUALITY.

For me it was very stressful finding the right person and not just a big company that translates in all languages you can imagine and have nobody to talk to. I wanted to find a service where you can interact with a human. (Spela Hernandez)

Tired of having to explain over and over again where Slovenia is? No, not Slovakia, Slovenia! Frustrated with being treated as just another customer instead of as a unique human being with specific needs?

You should understand that the aim and purpose of large translation agencies is to serve global corporations that are required to get their materials translated into many world languages at the same time. They are not necessarily interested in doing a business with you as an individual, in your ease and comfort with the process; for them, you are just a small one-time project that represents more of a nuisance than a profit. Their project managers cannot possibly know all the world languages & cultures, hence, they cannot serve your specific needs well.

Do you have these little nagging questions: Is it done right? Have they done it before? Was it accepted? Do I need any other documents? You know you did a good job collecting your documents, yet, you’d be happy if a knowledgeable person would review them, and confirm that they are what is needed for your application. You would also want to know if the translator has worked before with similar documents coming from or going to Slovenia. Seek out a translation agency or an individual translator who specializes in Slovene English or English Slovene translation.

My Approach: TRUST through COMFORT

I strive to make you comfortable by guiding you through the Slovene English or English Slovene translation process for your documents. I’m interested in your ease and comfort so that you can relax, trusting and knowing that your papers are safe and well taken care of in my hands. By careful and thorough review of your documents, I check that you have the right materials (including the apostille), that they are not too old and that we translate only and exactly what you need for your application. (Please read the legal disclaimer below.)

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It was hard just knowing who I could use or trust in translating the personal documents. The task of finding someone was very hard and I was grateful when Marta was able to take care of my project. (Franc Dusak)

Translation agencies, especially larger ones, circulate the client’s documents to various translators around the globe before assigning the job to one freelance translator. Would it bother you if your certificates, diplomas, letters are seen by many people all over the world? Are you comfortable sending your papers for an ad-hoc Internet trip around the world? Mhm, most likely you would prefer to keep your documents a little bit more safe and confidential. When you entrust your papers to a smaller translation agency, or an individual translator, you can ensure better safety and confidentiality.


I’m the only one who sees your documents. No emailing around the world to various potential translators, shopping for the lowest bidder while compromising the confidentiality of your papers and identity. If I need to assign the project to one of my trusted colleagues, I ask for your permission first.

I didn’t look for anyone else, I was familiar with Marta’s services and went straight to her. All translations were perfect, no changes or additions were needed. (Vesna Straser)

How can you know beforehand that your documents will be well translated? Do they know both languages enough to accurately translate? There are many flashy superlatives out there. The prices range significantly as well. The lower price often means that the person, who will actually translate your documents (an individual translator, or through an agency), is either desperate for money, or at the beginning of her/his career as a translator with little experience. Ask yourself how important the translation quality is for you. Can you afford to go through the whole process again if it’s not done well? Ask your friends for recommendations, check the translator’s former clients and their feedback. Confirm that any revisions to the translation will be done free of additional charge.

My Approach: TRUST through QUALITY

I take pride in a well crafted and formatted Slovene English & English Slovene translation. I render the text of your documents in high quality and accurate translation while maintaining the formatting of the original document so that the data on the translated page can be easily read and compared with the original page.

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My aim—through the mindfully engaged translation process—is to give you comfortable quality confidence so that you can breath out and relax, knowing that your documents are safe with a knowledgeable person who will review them, point out inconsistencies, translate them accurately, and enclose the well crafted and formatted Slovene English or English Slovene translation with the bilingual reputable certificate that will be honored.

And let me know how your appointment went so that I can celebrate with you. I smile when I hear or read your feedback saying that your application was successful.

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*Legal Disclaimer:
The information provided on and through this website is based on Marta Stemberger’s observations and experiences from 20 years of providing Slovene English & English Slovene translation & interpretation services. Please note that she is NOT a legal professional or government employee. The information provided on and through this website is for informational purposes only: It does NOT constitute a legal advice, and is NOT a substitute for a legal advice. You are solely responsible to obtain legal or other advice and/or consult a professional (legal or other) and/or government office, as appropriate for your application and/or project.