Mindfully Engaged Language Services

We meet through mindfully engaged translation & interpretation, with respect. Arinna, Inc. Language Services firmly believes that


Translation & interpretation are HUMAN services that offer respect, quality, confidentially, comfort through connection and trust.


Linguists provide a service of conveying a human message expressed in one language into a human message expressed in another language.


Translation + interpretation are HUMAN services.


Arinna, Inc. Language Services is a boutique provider of mindfully engaged language services that specializes in South Slavic languages of the Balkans: Slovene, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian. Its founder Marta Stemberger has 20 years of experience interpreting in high level environments of United Nations and international litigations, and translating legal, medical, pharmaceutical materials, as well as personal documents.

Arinna, Inc. Language Services engages in translation & interpretation process based on community and communication, and thus aims to extend to the audience the feeling of being respected for who they are, while offering the linguists the sense of being valued for the work they perform.

Spoken and written words are alive: people hear and read what we interpret and translate.

Connection with the community is essential: the community of our audience for whom we interpret & translate, as well as the community of linguists & managers/companies with whom we cooperate in the process of interpretation & translation.

Open and effective communication—between the audience & linguists/managers/companies, as well as among the linguists & managers/companies—is the vehicle for precise and well written translation, accurate and well articulated interpretation.

Devoted to
crafting translation with care,
interpreting with respect and integrity,
knowing your language and your culture.

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